Out Of Office – Treat Bouquet

We have a creative and vibrant team here at Gekko and we wanted to take a moment to showcase their talents and skills when they are out of the office. We hope that their hobbies and interests could give you some ideas of what to do whilst we all wait for restrictions to lift and for life to get back to normal.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon we wanted to show you how Paige, from our Head Office Team, makes fantastic treat bouquets. Paige has put together a simple ‘how to guide’ so that you can make your own ahead of the big day on March 14th. Visit our Instagram Page for some step by step images.

Don’t worry if you can’t get hold of the items Paige uses, she has also suggested substitutes that you might be able to find around the house.

You will need; 

Bouquet box or Tissue box

Wooden Skewers or something similar

Sticky take or a hot glue gun

Floral foam or polystyrene

Favourite Treats or small gifts

Tissue paper

A bow or a ribbon

  1. Create the base of the bouquet 

You will need a bouquet or presentation box but if you cannot get hold of one of these, you could try using a tissue box or another small empty box.

Place tissue paper into the box and arrange it to suit your arrangement, place a piece of floral foam or a block of polystyrene, from packaging from within a parcel, into the bottom of the box.

Top Tip!

If you are worried about it falling maybe try adding something heavy to the bottom of the box i.e some pebbles or marbles.

2. Build your bouquet structure

Find your favourite treats, ensure there is a variety of sizes to make the best looking bouquet you can. Once you have chosen your favourites, using sticky tape or a glue gun attach the wooden skewers to the back of the wrapper. Larger treats may need 2 skewers to support them.

Top Tip!

You could use sweets treats in the bouquet or if you would prefer you could use smaller gifts such as hand cream or even add in polaroid photos to personalise it.

3. Arrange your bouquet

Think about where you would like to place your treats, but remember to be mindful of the weight and distribute them to ensure it doesn’t topple over. 

Take some time to place the skewers into the box and cut, when needed, to suit your design.

Top Tip!

Place smaller treats to the front of the bouquet and larger to the back to ensure that they can all be seen. 

4. Add your bow

Once you are happy with the arrangement of your treats and everything is steady, you can add the finishing touches. Paige has used a bow that she found online but you could also use ribbon you may have left over from a christmas or birthday gift.

Top Tip!

You can never have too much embellishment so if you want to, add sparkles, stickers or paint the box to match your arrangement.

5. Give it to someone you love

Make someone’s day and give your arrangement to your loved one. You could also if they wouldn’t mind sharing the treats with you… 

Top Tip!

Add some of your favourite treats that your recipient doesn’t like, that way you are guaranteed they will share it with you.

This bouquet doesn’t just have to be for Mother’s Day they can just be a fun way to lift someone’s mood if they are struggling during lockdown or a lovely birthday gift for someone with a sweet tooth. 

If you do create your own bouquet please share pictures with us, we would love to see them!

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