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Recruiting the right people

Field Marketing Agency Gekko

Success within our business depends on recruiting and retaining the right people and hiring the right person is more important now than ever.  Through smart recruitment strategies we actively seek talented people who can make a unique contribution to ensure Gekko and our clients can achieve full potential. As experts in the technology field we know the value and impact the perfect candidate can deliver.

Defining recruitment requirements carefully will allow us to identify the best possible match for Gekko, our clients and the candidate in order to meet the expectations of all parties.  Determining a clear vision, core values and specific requirements at initial stage is vital to allow us to successfully make the right hire to fit business needs and achieve our goals.

Gekko have shaped our recruitment process to attract quality talent.  Our internal recruitment team carry out an executive search and attract candidates that have a genuine passion for our client’s brands.  Through strategic questioning we are able to understand candidate capabilities and qualities to ensure we recruit staff that genuinely posses talent.

Evidence of our successful recruiting sits within our staff.  Our staff are one of our greatest assets and through on going training we aim to develop our individuals and teams to become top performers.

If you believe you have what it takes to add value to Gekko and our clients you can contact our recruitment department on 01635 271 530 or email

Gekko is IIP accredited and is an equal opportunities employer.

Developing Individual Performance

Field Marketing Agency Gekko

Why Training?

For many businesses the drive to be the best in class is primarily achieved through the strength of the people that work within them.

Therefore it is vital that developing individual performance through effective, dynamic training solutions can increase productivity whilst also raising staff skills and morale.

What we know is that highly talented and motivated teams take pride in their role and deliver results that outstrip its competition. It reduces the “just get through the day” approach of some.

Integrated Approach 

A programme of continual personal development for staff, addressing business topics and personal development topics creates a culture of learning and development.

This ensures staff don’t just get through the day but see it as an opportunity to develop themselves and learn new skills and knowledge. i.e. “Getting something from work”.

Training doesn’t have to be lengthy, it can be delivered through a series of short workshops packed full of useful tools, tips and techniques that can be taken back to the workplace and applied in day to day tasks.


Gekko understands that training and development is a vital part of the solution. It also ensures that staff are engaged and enjoy their work. Each individual enjoys a sense of achievement that learning new skills bring in performing their role more effectively as well as fulfilling longer term career ambitions.

A motivated, developed team delivers greater results and breeds a culture of success and fulfillment.

Gekko Field Marketing

Field Marketing Agency Gekko

Driving business within retail is our purpose. Field marketing is the discipline and using a variety of approaches, we are able to advise our clients on how to maximise their potential within retail.

Influencing consumers and store staff is the key to success. How are your products displayed? Are they in stock?  Has the promotion been sold-in, communicated and  executed? Can sales staff talk about your products and services with authority and close that sale?

Gekko is one of the top 10 field marketing agencies in the UK.  Our success comes from providing solutions to these and many more challenges and delivering measurable results and a positive return on investment to brands.

We predict that 2012 will be a year like no other with regards to field marketing and in-store marketing in general.  With a cocktail including the Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics, 2012 will be a year of unique opportunities and promotions.  Whether you opt for merchandising, store staff training or in-store sales demonstrators, we say 2012 is the year to make the most of these opportunities and the positive buzz that will be sweeping across the UK.  Get in touch with Gekko and see how Field Marketing can help your brand.

Results are how we are judged both by our clients and by ourselves. The last weekend in November is when the Peak sales period really gets going for retailers.  Over that weekend, Gekko in-store sales demonstrators managed to demonstrate and sell over 2,800 high ticket price products direct to shoppers, with a cumulative value of over £1.25m.  Achieving a conversion rate (engagement leading to sale) of 42%, Gekko once again proved the effectiveness of brands deploying trained Ambassadors.

Interestingly, especially taking into consideration the difficult trading conditions, Gekko managed to improve the sales performance of it’s field staff over the same period in 2010.  Our Brand Ambassadors managed to average 8.1 sales per day, up from 5.7 in 2010, and the 42% conversion rate increased from 33% in 2010.

Contact us:

01635 271530

Field Marketing Agency Gekko

Field Marketing Agency Gekko

Field Marketing Agency Gekko is a highly effective award winning field marketing agency providing imaginative and results-driven solutions to the technology sector throughout the UK and Ireland.

At Gekko we have a proven track record in the supply of field marketing services including merchandising, product demonstration, mystery shopping, training, events and compliance auditing as well as longer term strategic teams.

Within crowded categories, we fully understand the needs and challenges facing our clients to add value and increase market share. Through understanding our brands, their resellers and their target audience, Gekko enhances our clients’ profitability.

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