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SDAs: Are they really worth it?

tefal fry sda

Small appliances attract footfall in-store, encourage impulse purchases and can help make your store look more attractive to customers, says Daniel Todaro, managing director of field marketing agency Gekko

The short answer to that question is yes, and they will always be worth ranging for two good reasons.

Firstly, they attract customers into your store, which is valuable to increase traffic and change perceptions. You don’t want to be perceived as only ranging high-ticket, one-off purchases.

The second is that we are becoming a little more adept in the kitchen, partly driven by celebrity chefs, Great British Bake-Off and MasterChef.

The growing SDA market creates an opportunity for many consumers to replace their old, outdated items and do so guilt-free as the initial outlay is considerably less than some other gadgets and the long-term gain and use are easily justified.

According to researcher GfK, the UK SDA market grew nine per cent in 2014 to surpass £779 million. The research also highlights the growing demand for liquidisers, which grew by 144 per cent with an average price tag rising from £36 to £42, and also a 95 per cent increase in the juicer market.

Our interest in healthy eating is demonstrated by the 48 per cent increase in 2013 of low-fat/no-oil deep fryers. However, do be wary of fads, as low-fat/no-oil SDAs dropped in value by £2m in 2014, losing popularity by becoming mainstream products. I suspect the same will happen to juicers as the market becomes saturated.

The SDA category, which also includes hot beverage makers, kettles, toasters, food preparation, sandwich toasters, health grills and deep fryers, is a staple category that offers consumers convenience and choice at various price points. The UK is one of the most diverse markets for SDAs in the world, with more than 700 new SDA products introduced into the market in 2014 alone, offering retailers an opportunity to refresh seasonal ranges with limited risk.

Although electrical retailers will always thrive on the MDA staples, diversifying your product range to include SDA will make your store more attractive to a broader spectrum of shoppers. Many small appliances are stylish, well designed, and will make your store look better.

With the in-store customer journey becoming increasingly more important in retail, correctly merchandising your store, coupled with training your staff to communicate the benefits of your products, will transform interested shoppers into customers, and will ultimately improve sales.

Gekko suggests that sales staff quickly identify the individual customer’s motivation to buy, whether it is driven by value, style with colour coordinated bundled solutions, or practical features aimed at making life easier.

Remember value is in the eye of the spender, the role of sales staff is to demonstrate that value in each and every conversation.

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