Brands on high streets


Sir: Ed Miliband’s veto plan is absurd (‘Retail leaders attack Miliband plan for local veto on high-street shops’,, 11 April). It’s headline-grabbing, but for all the wrong reasons why on earth would you be willing to jump into the mire so carefully crafted by Cameron, highlighted by the already-failing Portas Pilot initiatives? The coalition appointment has failed on so many levels, so why try and take part?

Initiatives are needed that truly bring life back to dead commercial business districts, so here’s an idea: why not get corporations to sponsor the high street? Why couldn’t P&G, say, take over empty retail units and offer not only a selection of its own brands, but also give space to small business and students to showcase and sell their products and talents?

It’s time for corporations to demonstrate their social responsibility. They may not pay all the tax they’re obliged to, but they could at least help inspire the people who buy their products.

Daniel Todaro, MD, Gekko

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