Make call centre agents a part of the team

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Motivation is an issue that rarely discriminates. No matter what size or sector, all companies face constant challenges when it comes to keeping motivation and morale high. However, looking at motivation alone often results in mere stopgaps, only serving to give a temporary boost – especially when looking specifically at call centres where staff turnover may be higher than the average.
Fostering an overarching positive culture and promoting a sense of brand loyalty should be the aim, and the first steps towards achieving this is by making your employees feel like they’re part of a real team, regardless of whether they are from an external agency or on a permanent contract. Here are some tips on how to achieve just that:

1. Give your call centre agents ownership

Call centre employees often feel the most de-motivated when they feel they aren’t worthwhile to the business. By finding ways to create a sense of ownership within the team and involving employees in certain decision-making processes, they will become more invested in the brand and its core values.

2. Set achievable group targets that necessitates teamwork

A call centre environment is often highly sales and target based, with individuals competing against each other. Whilst competition can be healthy, it can be inefficient. Set manageable, tiered targets that require employees to collaborate, rather than compete.

3. Share goals and targets

A rigid hierarchy can mean call centre employees feel inferior to more senior members of staff. By sharing certain business information with staff, employees can better understand decision-making, whilst also understanding the value of their own role. Transparency is the key to building trust, and if employees cannot trust each other, then they can feel isolated and de-motivated.

4. Promote belief in brand values

It’s important that staff not just understand the brand values, but believe in them so that these values translate credibly when interacting with customers. This not only makes the process easier, but is surprisingly motivational too – assisting the employee and fostering a sense of pride in their work.

5. Listen to your call centre agents

Every employee is important, and should be made to feel so, including agency or temp staff. Those at the top can often find themselves far removed from the day-to-day running of a company, and when this disconnect happens, morale can drop. By making time to listen, it breaks down barriers and fosters a greater sense of being part of a team.

6. Celebrate success

At an economic time where lows are sometimes unavoidable, it’s even more important to celebrate success. Call centre employers need to demonstrate that hard work leads to reward, but on a team level as well as an individual. After a successful quarter, it’s important to leave a positive feeling amongst a team, rather than a hollow one.

Daniel Todaro

MD Gekko

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