Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Which one has better discounts?

Are Cyber Monday deals the same as Black Friday?

The discounted items might change between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with larger items set to be reduced on the first day of the sales and smaller items including clothes normally discounted on the Monday, how much money you can save tends to be similar on both days. Especially on technology and electronics. These deals from the likes of the John Lewis Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, and the Amazon Black Friday sale tend to be almost identical. 

As the managing director of Gekko, Daniel Todaro tells GoodtoKnow, “No, neither is better than the other, however, what it offers is an opportunity for physical retail to capitalise on a 24hr sales bonanza and those who trade solely online, the opportunity to do the same 48 hours later. Retailers with an omnichannel approach (a physical and online presence) are able to capitalise twice on the opportunity, offering different offers on each event.”

For those looking to swoop in on the best discounts and Black Friday reductions, Daniel says, “Be prepared. Go to store knowing what you want and don’t procrastinate as Black Friday offers are limited and only for that day. Stock will be limited and if it doesn’t sell out, the price will immediately go back up again ready for the Christmas sales. On Cyber Monday, check out items online creating your basket ready to refresh on the day and check out, if it’s a price you’re prepared to pay. Again, don’t procrastinate, these products will also be limited in quantity and priced to sell out.”

For more great deals, it’s also worth checking out the Amazon Prime Day which happens in October. While we reckon the online shopping giant will have some incredible bargains on technology over the early sale period, we already know that there are some fantastic deals on Amazon toys and games coming our way.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Which one is better for clothes?

In 2019, almost 50 percent more shops discounted their clothes on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday and similar rates were seen on shoes as well. So while it’s not an exact science, we do reckon that if you’re in the market for a new wardrobe, you really need to scout around on Cyber Monday.  But with deals flying off the shelves over the whole weekend, if you see your perfect winter coat or ideal pair of trainers on Black Friday then be sure to snap up the deal while it’s hot, as it’s unlikely to be reduced again the following week. 

Daniel has over 20 years in the industry and currently works alongside brands like John Lewis, Currys PC Word and Google. He says this is because,”For all retailers, it’s the blow out they need to sell through existing ranges but more importantly, purge themselves of old stock that’s gone a bit stale. Don’t forget it’s a sale and by their nature, they are intended to clear the way for the next season of new and exciting products. However this year, a year like no other, we may find that the impact of the pandemic may create more bargains than normally available”.

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