It’s all over for Analogue


The analogue TV signal in Northern Ireland will be turned off permanently on Tuesday night (23rd October 2012), completing the final stage of the UK digital switchover.

The final stage of the digital switchover will be completed at 11.30pm, when viewers in Northern Ireland will lose their analogue signal.  It is the last part of the UK to switch off the signal, which has been in use for more than 70 years.  Households across the rest of the UK have already switched to digital over the course of the last four years.  

Field Marketing agency Gekko has been instrumental in the switchover programme, working with Digital UK to support the retail channel. Teams of Digital UK Retail Support Executives, recruited and managed by Gekko Field Marketing, have been delivering training and support to retailers across the UK since 2008. The work of the RSEs has been praised by many in the industry who recognise that the face-to-face support has been invaluable in preparing retailers and their staff for the switchover process.

In that time some 34,000 store visits have been completed by the RSE team and nearly 75,000 retail staff have benefitted from the training on offer.  In 2009 the quality of the training provided was recognised at the Field Marketing & Brand Experience awards where the programme won the ‘Best Retail Training’ award.

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